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Iverson + Kaine Architecture


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Logo Design

Art Direction

Proposal Collateral


Business Card Design

Social Media Templates

Website Design + Development


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Iverson + Kaine is a fictional architectural studio based out of Phoenix, AZ specializing in high-end, modern, corporate design. We created a full brand identity and web design for Iverson + Kaine, all with the focus of reaching their target audience. The logomark combines the letters I and K, while using strokes to resemble both structural beams, as well as floor plans and diagrams. This is paired with the wordmark, which is set in Neue Haas Grotesk to convey reliability, timelessness, and trust in the industry.

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Iverson + Kaine Logo Design
Iverson + Kaine Project Proposal Design
Iverson + Kaine Lookbook Design
Iverson + Kaine Signage Design
Iverson + Kaine Collateral Design
Iverson + Kaine Business Card Design
Iverson + Kaine Social Media Design
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