Design Dash™

Design Dash is a hyper-paced branding and web design method, designed to give you a full custom brand or website in as little time as possible.

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Website Design Dash

12 Days

Website Design Dash

12 Days

Branding Design Dash

10 Days

Branding Design Dash

10 Days


We begin by finding out as much about your restaurant as possible using strategic questionnaires and brand exercises.

Site Map

Using Day 1’s exercises, we will plan the pages of your restaurant’s website, giving us a clear direction forward.


With the Site Map as our guide, let the Dash begin! Here we design and layout your website.


With the design of the website finalized, we will now build it out into a customizable, easy to use website.


Testing is crucial to making sure your website works properly. Let’s get all the kinks worked out!

Finish Line!

The Dash is complete! We hand over the keys to your website, along with training on how to update it in the future.

What You Get

Website Design Dash

Website Strategy

Full Site Map

Fully Custom Design

Doordash Integration

Online Menu

Custom CMS

Video Tutorials

Custom Emails

High-End Hosting

Branding Design Dash

Brand Strategy

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Logo Marks

Color Palette

Type System

Brand Pattern

Menu Design

Brand Guidelines

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