Hi, my name is Noah Shreve!

To help make this whole thing more human, here's a picture of me! It's easy to hide behind a screen, but that is no fun!

I started Name Street Studio in 2018 as a branding identity design studio based out of Louisville, KY.

Name Street, while based out of Kentucky, is open to work with anyone, no matter where you are located.

We believe in the small business, and we'd love to be apart of your story. Check out our workflow below.

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Our 'Flow

Our workflow at Name Street is quite unique compared to other studios in the branding world. Let us show you what makes us unique.

Pricing + Packages

Pricing by an hourly rate can always be hard. You shouldn't have to pay our hourly rate for a change that will take 5 minutes. Because of that, we use a package system. This package pays for the completed project in whole, rather than at an hourly rate.

Branding Package


The Branding Package is our most popular option. This package includes a primary and secondary logo, logo marks, a type system, custom color scheme, brand pattern, brand strategy, two collateral items, and a brand guideline PDF. This package contains everything you need to tie together a cohesive brand identity system.

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Website Package


The Website Package includes a custom tailored website just for your brand. We will go through a web discovery phase to find out everything we need for your website. The website will be built entirely custom. No templates or remade junk here! The backend of the website will be designed specifically for you, so there isn't any time wasted updating your website.

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Branding + Web Package


Want to go all in on a new brand identity? This is the package for you. Get everything in the Branding Package and everything in the Website Package for a discounted rate when purchased together.

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*Prices may vary based on project size and scope.

Branding Project Timeline

Projects at other studios can take tons of time. Anywhere from 6-12 weeks. That is valuable time that your business is missing out on. At Name Street, we have a fast, 2-3 week turnaround time. This is possible because of our single-client booking strategy. Rather than taking on 3+ clients at a time, we just do one, so we can focus all our energy on you. Here is how the timeline shapes out.*


2-3 Days

The Discovery Phase is arguably the most important part of the timeline. In the discovery phase, we learn as much as possible about you, your business, and develop a custom-tailored strategy for the rest of the project. Without discovery, the final result will lack that extra something special to help your brand stand out.


4-6 Days

This phase is where the magic starts to happen. Here, logo designs will be explored, and your brand identity will start to breath life. We will start looking at other elements to support the logo as well. These days are exciting! We are well on our way to having the finished product.


2-3 Days

Time for your first look! You get to see all the work we have done, and our thought process behind why we did what we did. You will have two rounds of revisions, so we can really knock your brand out of the park and dial it in to be perfect for your brand.

Collateral Discovery

1-2 Days

Now that we have a visual direction and logo locked down, now we can discuss collateral. Collateral is any element that can support the brand. This includes business cards, social media assets, letterheads, shirts, and anything else you can think of. During this phase we will discuss what works best for your brand, and how we want to tackle it.

Build Out

2-3 Days

The Build Out Phase is where we create everything else for your identity. This includes the collateral, patterns, finalize color schemes, build the brand guidelines, and polish up on every last detail. This includes one round of revisions. We are getting close!


1-2 Days

This is the end! Here we package up your files, and send them over your way! Your brand is now ready to be revealed to the world.

*Times may vary based on factors such as client response time, revisions, and more. This is based on the average time taken.

One Concept Method

Traditionally, when presenting concepts to clients, studios will often provide 3-5 options for the client to choose from. On the surface, this seems like a good idea. Options are always a good thing! It allows for you to choose the style that matches your taste.

The problem with this is that the brand identity isn't designed for your personal taste. The brand identity is supposed to be specifically geared towards your target audience.

When going through the Ideation Phase, we explore many different options, but ultimately decide on which path is going to be best not only for your brand, but for your target audience. That allows us to focus all of our energy on one, really good concept, rather than splitting that energy across multiple, average concepts.

The one concept method is quickly growing in popularity - not just with designers, but also clients - because of how powerful it can be. Should we present a concept that is so out of touch with your brand, we have multiple rounds of revisions built in to the timeline to allow for changes.